2016 / 04 / 12

Patrik Hansson Jewellery is featured in the may issue of swedish Elle. The popular Shift ring in gold was in good company among other fine brands.

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2016 / 03 / 15

Patrik Hansson Jewellery was featured online at Wallpaper after exhibiting at the Jewellery Room. Read the full article here


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2016 / 01 / 27

Patrik Hansson Jewellery will exhibit at the Jewellery Room. The Jewellery Room will take place during Copenhagen Fashion Week, on February 5th. The event presents a competitive range of the hottest Scandinavian Jewellery brands.

The Jewellery Room is an exclusive showroom where Scandinavian jewellery designs is being showcased.
The essence of the event, is to create hype around Scandinavian Jewellery design and present the best of Scandinavian jewellery designers just now. Making an easy access for buyers and press to see all the greatness that Scandinavian jewellery design has to offer right now.


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2015 / 04 / 01

I’m very proud to announce the collaboration with Carl Hoff who will sell my work in their store in Helsingborg.


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2014 / 12 / 11

I’m very excited to announce the collaboration with Georges smycken who will sell my work in their stores in Karlskrona and Kalmar.


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2014 / 10 / 20

Me and my work is featured at minimalissimo.com. Minimalissimo is a magazine that celebrates minimalism in design. It’s a great article so have a look!


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2014 / 07 / 22

I warmly welcome Jeweler Hugo Nilsson in Malmö, Sweden as the first store in Sweden to sell my work.


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2014 / 06 / 06

I’m proud to announce that ORRO represents Patrik Hansson Jewellery in Scotland.

ORRO was founded in 1997 by Neil Smith in the West End of Glasgow, with the aim of promoting contemporary jewellery based on high quality of design, materials and workmanship.

Within a year ORRO became the first contemporary jewellers in Scotland to be selected by the Scottish Arts Council and the Crafts Council of Great Britain.


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2014 / 05 / 23

I’m happy to announce that DESIGNYARD represents Patrik Hansson Jewellery in Ireland.

Established in 1994 by Gerry Crosbie, DESIGNYARD is the leading showcase for contemporary jewellery and applied arts in Ireland. www.designyard.ie

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2014 / 05 / 16

Precious is the industry’s leading trade fair. It’s the most important meeting ground for the Nordic watch and jewellery industries. A record-breaking number of new designers applied for Precious Talents this year.

I was one of the chosen talents to show my work. The fair takes place september 5-7 in Stockholm.

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2014 / 03 / 20

The play with shapes continues at a slightly smaller scale. A few new pieces have been added such as earrings and pendants among other pieces.

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2013 / 03 / 20

My first collection is the result of playing and experimenting with geometric shapes, lines and cuts. Lines that cut and divide surfaces, creating new surfaces that cast light in different directions.

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2013 / 03 / 18

Patrik shot a collection of beautiful images in late 2013 in collaboration with The Studio. A picture says more than thousand words no need to say anything more.

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2013 / 03 / 08

Identity launch together with The Studio. The Studio has created a strong visual identity for my new brand consisting of all the elements from logotype to packaging. Thank you for a job well done.

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